BCOPY Main Screen

by: Bryan Schappel and Barry Kolbe

Publication date: January 1988

This program was originally published in Antic magazine. It was included as the January 1988 Super Disk Bonus. Antic Magazine ran the program under the name "SuperCopy".

Download the executable (3,026 bytes). Source code will be posted in the future.

BCOPY is one of the fastest, easiest multi-file copiers ever published for 8-bit Atari. The entire copying process is operated via menu selection and normally requires only five key presses.

Antic SuperCopy will put an end to tedious searching for correct wildcard filenames. This powerful machine language program runs on all 8-bit Atari computers with at least 48K of RAM and a disk drive.

BCOPY can be downloaded and is called BCOPY.EXE. There are two simple ways to start this program:

  1. From the DOS menu, select choice L and type BCOPY.EXE [RETURN]. BCOPY will load and run.
  2. You can make a BCOPY disk that runs automatically whenever you boot your Atari with it. From the DOS menu, use menu choice I to format a blank disk. Next, use choice H to Write DOS files to this blank disk. Now, select choice C to copy the BCOPY.EXE file to this disk.

    Finally, use menu choice E to rename BCOPY.EXE as AUTORUN.SYS. Your BCOPY disk is complete. To use it, place it in disk drive 1 and turn off your Atari. Remove all cartridges (XL/XE owners should hold down the [OPTION] key) and turn on your Atari. BCOPY will automatically load and run.

TWO-DRIVE SYSTEMS: When the program begins, you may select a source and destination drive by pressing the S and D keys. Drive 8 lets you use the 130XE's RAMdisk. Insert the correct disks in the drives and press the [START] key.

ONE-DRIVE SYSTEM: Insert the source disk in drive 1 and press [START].

The directory of the source disk is shown on the left hand side of the screen. Scroll through the directory by usin the [UP-ARROW] and [DOWN-ARROW] keys -- don't hold down [CONTROL]. Press [RETURN] to mark the files you wish to copy. Their names will be highlighted in the directory. Press [RETURN] again to unmark a file.

Mark as many files as you like. However, you are not allowed to mark or copy DOS.SYS.

Press [ESCAPE] to abort and restart BCOPY.

The [C] key changes the screen color by altering the hue.

The [START] key is used to begin the copy process.

On a two-drive system you can just sit back and watch BCOPY work, or go feed the cat. With a one-drive system you will be periodically asked to Insert Source Disk or Insert Destin. Disk and press [START]. When the copy process is done, you are given the choice of restarting BCOPY or returning to DOS.

If an error occurs, the COPY MENU box becomes the DISK ERROR box. First you are told the error number. Make note of it so you can later fix (hopefully) the problem. The most common errors will be:

Write-protected disk
Disk Full
File Locked

Next, the name of the file on which the error occured is shown. It is followed by the message, Closing Files. With two drives, both files are closed — if possible.

If you are using one drive, you're asked to insert the source disk and the file is closed on that disk. Then insert the destination disk and the corresponding file on it will be closed.

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