Snow Plow

Snowplow Intro Screen

by: Bryan Schappel and Barry Kolbe

Publication date: September 1988

Download the executable (7,106 bytes).

Your mother begged you to become an orthodontist and, straighten out all those crooked teeth. But you just couldn't see spending eight hours a day with your hands, in someone else's mouth. So here you are driving a truck for the highway department. Cutting weeds in the summer and filling potholes in the spring. Not to mention burning tons of leaves in the fall. Oh! Then there's winter and all that snow to plow.

Speaking of which, we just had a snowfall and another, storm is on the way. And it looks like a big one. Your regular truck won't do the job, For this one you need a bulldozer. Here we go, again. Put on your gloves, get your snow goggles, and grab a thermos of coffee (so you'll be able to stay awake for 24 hours straight). Now get out there and clean up those flakes! Wait a second - make sure you keep tuned to the weather station for the latest weather bulletins.

Start your dozer
If you wish to forgo watching the falling snow on the introduction screen (will you please watch at least once) After all, we did spend some time trying to create this special effect), press any key. After watching the scrolling weather message, press the START key to begin plowing. You may direct the dozer in any of the four directions using a joystick in port 1. No! You cannot go off the road - see the centerline markers? Follow them until the roads are completely clear of snow. If you accomplish this task there will probably be another snowfall to test your driving skills.

While you're pushing snowflakes around, storms will occasionally cross your path. If your dozer touches one, it will undoubtedly get diesel-line freeze and crash. You'll need a new one then. As time goes on the storms get more frequent and faster, so beware. Most of the streets are free ofvehicles, but there are always some crazy people who venture out and, risk their lives. Fortunately, a bell sound warns you that they are on the road. If you hit one, you score a 100 point bonus. These people will honk their horns at you, but I'd just ignore them and keep going. And don't forget to keep your gas tank full.

Remember the Knight-Rider and KIT? Me neither. But KIT had a turbo-boost. And so does your dozer. So once per level you can jump to the edge of the screen (assuming there's a road there; you wouldn't want to jump into a tree, would you?). If you need to clean off your windshield or take a sip of coffee during plowing. just hit any key to pause. Press a key again to continue. Well, what are you waiting for? Get going!

Technical Notes and Other Stuff
Snowplow uses the four color Antic mode 5. Antic 4 would give better resolution but would have taken much more memory. An entire screen takes 2,560 bytes - roughly 2.5K or about one-third of the entire program. In Snowplow we have an entire screen, but it takes only 1/6th of the program because it is compacted. We used a compacter similar to the one in BBK Artist.

The falling letters on the intro screen are each composed of four defined graphic zero characters. Of course, there's also a complete character set in the DATA.

If you get tired of playing the same gameboard over and over, relief is in sight! A gameboard editor! That's why, when you're playing the game, the disk is being accessed. It's looking for files, named SMAP.??? where ??? can be anything that's legal. It will load these files in the order they appear on the disk. As you clear each board, the storm appears on screen more often and moves faster until the 6th board. So leave your drive on while playing Snowplow. Next month, when we present the Snowplow Editor, you'll be able to design your own screens. Excuse me a minute, I think I have to shovel the sidewalk....

Snowplow Game Screen

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