Snow Plow Editor

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by: Barry Kolbe and Bryan Schappel

Publication date: October 1988

Download the executable (not yet).

The Snowplow Editor (SE) is a scrolling screen editor used to design new screens for the game Snowplow. These screens may be arranged in any order on a disk to add levels to the game. And what is even better, you get to design them yourself!

When the editor has loaded, you will notice that the screen is divided into two main sections. There is the editing window (which comprises most of the screen) and the input/info area at the bottom of the screen. The following commands may he entered simply by pressing the appropriate key:

Key Description
choose character
change color register
define memory block
xerox memory block
change cursor luminance
block fill
home cursor
load a font
load saved screen
save screen
draw line mode
define a key
home and clear
clear memory

An explanation of all the commands follows.

Choose a character (K): This allows you to choose the character that you will draw with. When you press this key you may move the character cursor at the bottom of the screen on top of the character you wish to use. When you have made your choice, press fire. Move the stick up and down to see a different line of characters and move left or right to choose a character on that line. All plots, draws, block fills, etc., will use this character until another one is selected.

Change the color registers (C): Hit a key, 0 through 4, to select the register to alter. Use the joystick to select the hue and luminance. Press fire to exit.

Define a block of memory (M): This is used later in the Copy mode to rubberstamp a rectangular region of the screen anywhere on the map. You may only define an area of 10 by 10. This is done by moving the cursor to the upper left-hand corner of the rectangle and pressing fire. Then move to the lower right-hand corner and press fire again.

Xerox a defined block (X): This allows you to rubberstamp your predefined memory block anywhere on the screen. Just move the cursor to the upper-left corner of where you want your block copied and press fire This is an excellent way to make lots of houses or trees.

Change cursor luminance (P): This changes the luminance of the cursor on the map. This is very useful on light backgrounds. Pressing this key toggles the cursor back and forth between light and dark.

Block fill (B): This allows you to fill a large area of the screen with one character. Simply select the upper-left corner and the lower-right corner of the rectangle, and it will be filled with the current character.

Home the cursor (H): This key will move the cursor to the screen position 0,0.

Home and clear (CNTL-H): This moves the cursor to position 0,0 and clears the screen. Use this only if you are positive that you want to erase your map; it is quite permanent.

Clear memory (CNTL-<): This is the same as the previous command; however, you are asked if you are certain about the erasure.

Load a font (F): This allows you to load in the character set that you will be drawing with. To extract the character set from the Snowplow game object file, simply use this small BASIC program. Make sure that you have the correct filename in Line 10. You may use any character set with this editor. Please note that you must load a character set before the editor will function properly.

     10 OPEN #1,4,0,"D:SNOWPLOW.EXE"
     20 FOR I=1 TO 21:GET #1,A:NEXT I
     30 OPEN #2,8,0,"D:FONT"
     40 FOR I=1 TO 1024
     50 GET #1,A:PUT #2,A
     60 NEXT I
     70 END

Load a screen (L): This allows you to load in a previously created screen into the editor. Simply supply the filename and press RETURN. The screen is loaded and the one in memory is erased. Pressing ESCAPE will exit.

Save a screen (S): You may save your masterpiece by entering a legal DOS filename at the prompt. To allow this screen to be used by Snowplow, it must be named SMAP.???, where the question marks stand for any legal DOS filename extension. Each saved screen is about 23 sectors long (single density).

Draw a straight line (D): This allows you to enter draw mode, in which you may draw lines either left to right or top to bottom. Press fire at the beginning of the line, move the cursor, and fire at the end of the line. This uses the last selected character from the K command.

Define a key (T): Use the cursor to select a character; then hit a key (1 through 0) to register it. Anytime thereafter just hit the appropriate key to recall that character.

Snowplow Editor Rules and Hints
Road characters must be placed horizontally in pairs, with the left always on an even X-coordinate (watch the text window). Roads must always be two characters wide. There must always be road characters placed at position X = 10 and Y = 4, since this is where the dozer begins. Use only the road characters that have a snow background. This starts with a and is every other one from there on in.

You may place up to six fuel (X-coordinate must be even) containers on the map. Again these are two characters wide. You are allowed a maximum of four bonus cars. The bonus cars must be placed on the road at an even X-position It would look best to put them on horizontal stretches. In the font, use the first set of car figures. The second set is used by the program for roads that have been cleared of snow. The first X-position that can be used is X = 4. The first four spaces are used by ANTIC as a buffer for fine scrolling horizontally.

Enjoy making new levels for Snowplow. We hope you get a great deal of fun from this program.

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