Combining the Panther install CD's into one DVD

The following How-to is based on tips from The Mac Shack and

Before you start you will need at least 3GB of free space on your OS X boot drive. (I'd recommend at least 10GB just to be super safe.

STEP 1: Insert the first install CD into your optical drive and wait for it to mount on the desktop. Open and enter the following command (I recommend you copy and paste the command).

hdiutil create -srcdir "/Volumes/Mac OS X Install Disc 1" -noscrub -noanyowners -stretch 4.32g -format UDRW "/Mac OS X 10.3 Install"

STEP 2: After the above command completes; enter this command in the Terminal.

hdiutil resize -size 3g "/Mac OS X 10.3 Install.dmg"

STEP 3: Mount the image file that was created at the root of your boot drive.

STEP 4: Eject the current CD and insert the next install CD. Using the Finder copy all of the files from Mac OS X Install Disc 2/Packages into the Mac OS X Install Disc 1/System/Installation/Packages folder. The Finder will squawk that the files already exist. Replace all of the existing files. Repeat this step with Mac OS X Install Disc 3.

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