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My intention with the page is to keep people abreast of the changes at this site. Some of the time it will not be good news (see June 28, 2000 for a great example of not so good news).

January 16, 2005
It's been a long time since the site has had an overhaul. I've just started a new design and it's all valid XHTML and CSS. A stone cold groove my man.

April 2, 2002
Most of the programs now have documentation!!! I've been working hard to get things posted.

April 1, 2002
The scanner has arrived and I've started processing the old articles. The documentation for Debug+ is now posted. I've OCR'd about ten articles and need to convert them to HTML. Stay tuned.

March 20, 2002
It's been a long time since I've done anything with this site. Somethings have changed. The site layout is now done using the CSS box model. This was actually quite easy. I've tested the site in IE and Mozilla and everything renders AOK.

A Final Candidate release of Volume Mounter has been posted. The Carbon port for Mac OS X has been completed and it works wonderfully. I'll be doing more work on Volume Mounter to support Mac OS X specific features such as dialog sheets. Check back in a few months and see how it's coming.

I've added a couple downloads in the 8-bit area notably TextEdit+ and BBK Artist.

I've ordered a scanner so I can start to scan in the old magazine articles and run them through OmniPage Pro for OCR. I'll start with the 8-bit stuff first. The scanner is due to arrive in a week or so. Can't wait to get that going.

September 25, 2000
Added screen captures of ROBOX and BBK Artist to their pages. I also installed MacOS X Public Beta today and tested Volume Mounter for Classic compatibility; everything worked fine. A Carbon port should not be too far off.

September 18, 2000
Added downloads and screen captures of Clash of Kings and SnowPlow to their pages. Enjoy!

September 14, 2000
Added downloads of Time Machine and Volume Mounter 2.0 to their pages. Enjoy!

August 15, 2000
Changed the site over to use ASP and CSS. This helps the site look identical on Mac and Windows browsers. You should be viewing this site on at least a 4.0 browser.

The Contacting Us page is now up and working. You can use it send me e-mail and comments on the site.

July 17, 2000
Added stub pages to all of the links in the menu. This, at least, eliminates a bunch of 404 errors.

July 13, 2000
Added some new links to the Links page. Added the Personal Spelling Checker page with executable. Added the BCOPY page with executable.

July 7, 2000
Added some new links to the Links page. Added the Capital ST page with source and executable. Added the LaserPR page with source and executable.

June 30, 2000
Added some screen shots to the FontEdit, RS232, and RSRC2C pages. Posted some basic instructions on how to use RSRC2C.

Did some more digging on the dead hard drives last night. Managed to pull some stuff from each. I have a lot more stuff to find.

June 29, 2000
Regained some sanity by recovering some of my most important files from my ST hard disks that Windows 2000 munged.

Added a bunch of rough pages; including this one. Put a few zip archives in the download area.

June 28, 2000
Made a major idiot move. I managed to trash my ST hard disks by allowing Windows 2000 to write a signature to the drives. Grrrrr. Hoping I can find the documentation for some of the software I intend to post. Cross your fingers.

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