Laser Chess PC

by: Barry Kolbe

Download the zip of the executable (57,994 bytes).

Basic Gameplay Instructions
Each player has two moves per turn. Green always has the first turn.

A move consists of rotating a piece (optional) and then moving it one square or firing the laser. To move a piece first select the piece by clicking on it. The piece will be surrounded by a white open square. To rotate a piece after it has been selected, click on the 'R' in the upper left hand corner of the screen. Keep clicking until you have the desired rotation. Then click an adjacent square to move the piece. To deselect a square, click on the 'R' until the white surrounding square disappears. Then make another selection. To fire the laser, select the laser and click on the 'L'.

The blocks (filled in squares with mirrors) and the king are the only pieces that can capture an enemy piece. They do so by moving onto the square containing the enemy piece. The hypercube (hollow square) can move onto any piece (enemy or friendly) and transport that piece to a random board position.

The hypercube transporting property can only be used once per turn. A piece that moves onto the middle square of the board (a hypersquare) is also transported to a random board position. The laser can be fired once per turn. There are 5 types of pieces that have reflecting surfaces on them: the block, the half block, the diagonal mirror, the flat mirror and the beam splitter. The block and half block have only one reflective side. They are vulnerable to laser attack on their other sides. A laser beam hitting the reflective surface of the block or flat mirror will turn and be reflected in the opposite direction returning to its source probably destroying the laser that shot at it. The diagonal mirror and half block turn the laser beam 90 degrees when hit on the reflective side. The hypercube is immune to laser attack as it is transparent. A laser beam that hits the flat mirror on its edge rather than the long side will pass through it with no harm.

A laser beam that hits the beam splitter on its point will split into two beams. If hit on either of the two slanted sides the beam will not split but be turned 90 degrees. The splitter is vulnerable to laser attack from the back side. If a laser beam hits a flat mirror on the reflective side, the beam will change to a yellow color. After a laser shot the beam will stay on the screen until a key is pressed so the players can follow its path.

You may save one game in progress by clicking on 'S' on the right side of the screen. Restore the game by clicking on 'O'. A new game can be started by choosing 'N'. Press 'y' to confirm.

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