Krazy Mazes

by: Barry Kolbe

You and another adventurer are searching for the lost gold mines of Mazeaton. The mines are located in the midst of a large maze, well-protected by ghostly guardians. To reach the cache of gold, both of you must race through identical mazes while being hunted down by the guardians of the trea-sure. If you should happen to touch one of the guardians, you will be zapped back to the beginning of the maze. Whoever arrives at the end of the maze first receives 100 gold coins.

This achievement also allows both of you to enter the middle maze where 277 gold pieces are kept-collect as much as you can. After this you must leave the maze city by racing through another maze like the first one. The victor (or Victoria) again receives 100 gold coins.

After the third maze your accumulated wealth is displayed and immediately phoned into the IRS. Pressing Start permits you to play again and add to your riches. Option resets your bank to zero. Unfortunately, this will not deceive the IRS in the least. While you are mazing, press Select to abort the game and return to this screen.

Author's Notes
I have always been intrigued with mazes. I think it started with the Atari 2600 game called Maze Craze where two players raced through the same maze. The maze was small because of the large images on the screen (like GRAPHICS 2). Krazy Mazes is done in GRAPHICS 5 and ANTIC Mode 5. These were chosen for their colors, size and visi-bility. The randomly generated maze is formed in memory and then copied to either the GRAPHICS 5 or ANTIC 5 screen.

Most people who make maze games use one of two possible maze generators. They often start the maze generation in the upper left-hand corner and these mazes tend to be quite simple as there is usually only one path from beginning to end. I suggest starting the generation from the center as it makes for more interesting mazes.

Anyway, don't get lost in the mazes!

Barry Kolbe and his wife, Linda, live in the country. The household uses time-sharing because the Atari 800 and the Nintendo Entertainment System are hooked up to the same TV.

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