ePubZipper IconePubZipper

by: Bryan Schappel

FREE — This is a quick little utility that properly zips up an ePub on the Mac. If you manually edit ePub files (as I do) simply grab the root folder that contains your ePub and drag & drop it on the ePubZipper icon. The program will create an ePub file in the same folder as your ePub root folder. Grab a copy now and let me know how you like it!

Let's say you have a folder named "MyNovel". Inside "MyNovel" are all the source files for your ePub (the META-INF, OEBPS, content.opf, etc.) simply drag the "MyNovel" folder to the ePubZipper icon in your Dock. ePubZipper will zip up all the files and folders inside "MyNovel" and leave you with a "MyNovel.epub" file.

ePubZipper is smart. It automatically excludes the ".DS_Store" files and "iTunesMetadata.plist" from the ePub it creates.

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