Time Machine

by: Bryan Schappel

At the company I work for we use Windows NT/2000 as our primary server platform. Our client machines are primarily Power Macintosh G4's. One of the most annoying things about this combination pops up twice a year — Daylight Savings Time.

When the clocks change on the server there is a time discrepancy between the Macs and the server. This discrepancy causes our backup software to backup all files on the server — even those files that have not changed.

I took it upon myself to write a Macintosh application to change the time on all of the files by one hour thus eliminating the time discrepancy. Time Machine is that application.

Time Machine is currently undergoing a rewrite to support Navigation Services, the Appearance Manager, and other features. I hope to have this new version completed, tested, and posted before the clocks change again this fall.

Download the full featured, working beta. The only bugs, that I know of, are cosmetic and center around the log window.

Here are a few screen snapshots:



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