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by: Bryan Schappel

UPDATE: I've decided to post the first external beta of the Universal Binary build of Volume Mounter. This build has taken so long and required so many changes Volume Mounter is now at version 4.1d2. Grab the beta now and let me know how you like it!

BETA NOTE: All features are working with the exception of importing the preferences from the previous version. You'll need to re-enter your registration info (which has not changed) and recreate your volume list.

Volume Mounter 4 is an application for mounting server volumes. It keeps a small database of the mounting information needed for each volume and can mount the volumes at program launch or manually from the pop-up menu or scrolling list.

Brief feature list:

Fixes/Features in this release:

Download the 30-day trial version. (Current build is 4.1d2.) A registration code is required for use after 30 days. Each copy of VM4 is $15.00US. A 10-user license is available for $100. A site license is available for $200.00US. Use the Contacting Us page to arrange for your registration code.

Volume Mounter 4 has been moved from CodeWarrior to XCode. The new 4.x versions are now an Application Bundle. It also uses a new API to mount volumes under OS X. It will no longer run on Mac OS 9.x.

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